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Winter is coming and of course, our old friends, rats, from long long ago will be looking for food and warmth.  Uninvited, they will make themselves comfortable in your house, eat your food, your dog’s food, and a lot of other things such as the plastic sleeving around the electric wires in your washing machine, dryer or fridge.


In order to enter, rats and mice, will cheerfully gnaw through wood, cement and other materials.  Once inside and cozy, they will breed and multiply so fast that you will be amazed.


And so you go to your local supermarket and you confidently buy some bait pellets, hoping to get rid of rats.  Only problem is, the rodent bait that you buy off the shelf has a low dosage of active ingredient.  Two months later you are still wondering why they did not die. You then call in a professional pest controller who uses a much better product and also advises you on how to prevent a rodent infestation.


One has to do a thorough inspection of the area, looking for droppings to see whether you have a mouse or a rat infestation.  Look for outside harborage areas, possible feeding sites, entry spots and the like.   Proper rodent bait in strong weather resistant boxes need to be put out in all the right areas, all the time considering the safety implications.  Be careful with all poisons as most are toxic to humans, pets, fish, and birds.


A rat will gnaw its way in through almost anything, except steel wool.  Find the openings where they might be entering and force some fine steel wool in there.  Apply an expanding foam to cover the hole and trim it neatly flush once it is dry. Inspect the entire outside area looking for droppings and for bait that has been eaten.


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