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 NO NEED TO LEAVE HOME – SAFER THAN TAP WATER – BIO-KILL is the only truly safe insecticide that is also Highly effective against all insects. NO ODOUR at all.

Since the arrival of Bio-Kill on  this planet, others have tried to claim that their product or products are also “safe”.    DO NOT BE FOOLED !

Genuine BIO-Kill from Switzerland is the greatest innovation in the field of insecticides ever.


Bio-Kill is applied using special machinery that atomises the liquid so that it penetrates each and every crack and crevice where pesky and destructive insects hide, flushing them out and killing them.



We have thousands of extremely satisfied customers, who swear they’ll never use any other Pest Control Service again that use toxic chemicals.


Mosquitoes, Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Lice, Fleas, Flies, Fish Moths, Crickets and so many more…….


At The Green Way Pest Control we strive to solve your problems and leave you sleeping well, and not bothered by any nuisance pests at all.


The very latest  – and more safe  – product for Rodents ( imported) is what we use.   No Rodent Bait is 100% safe, but over the years immense improvements have been made over the original Warfarin-based products that had been used for a long time.  Our application measures are extremely safe, always considering the environment and other life forms.