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orangeBio-Kill arrived in South Africa in 1993. I, Patrick Van Niekerk, was fortunate to meet Fanie, who had just returned from Switzerland, having secured the rights to import and distribute
Bio-Kill across Sub-Sahara Africa. I had also just returned to South Africa from the United States, where I had lived for many years, and was looking for a change in career, having been trained as an electronics technician. I think I blew a fuse in my brain and began to find it difficult to concentrate on complex circuitry.

Fanie showed me a trigger bottle with the label Bio-Kill. He rolled up his sleeves and sprayed some of the contents all over his arms and his face. He then sprayed it
in his mouth, smiled at me and said: “This is a highly effective insecticide”

Well. I don’t have to tell you that I was blown away. I wanted to know more. “Tell me everything” I said.

At this point in time, Fanie had no idea just how he was going to market this wonderful product here in South Africa. My brain was working overtime. I contacted three of my nephews and showed them how wonderful Bio-Kill is. They too, were knocked out by this miracle product that is so absolutely safe to all warm-blooded creatures and yet so highly effective against cold-blooded insects. We got together and started working on a plan to market and distribute Bio-Kill.

Today, after more than twenty years later, we are so proud to tell the world that we have treated hundreds of restaurants, homes, offices and buildings with Bio-Kill, with thousands of very happy customers out there.

We had to do some research and development into the actual application of Bio-Kill. We now use the latest and most modern, specialised equipment to apply
Bio-Kill all over, i.e. the walls, the curtains, the beds, inside the wardrobes, cupboards in the kitchen, and so on.

Nothing remains wet after such an application. Bio-Kill is odourless, is not seen, does not stain, and can remain active for up to a few months depending on the situation.

After a treatment, many customers say that it is as if nothing had actually happened at all, and yet they see insects dying, and then their problem is solved.

Pregnant women, babies, pets, birds and all plant life suffer no negative effects at all. It is such an amazing story to tell, that to this day it gives me great pleasure just relaying this great news to all and sundry. In about one hour or so, your pest problems disappear, even while you may be sitting there having a meal or enjoying a cup of tea. Miraculous!

Roach2Beware !

The success of Bio-Kill has prompted some other Pest Control companies out there to claim that their process or product is also “safe”. Do not believe it. Only
Bio-Kill is 100% safe, and can be applied in the way that we do. They may be as careful as possible when applying other poisons, and then feel justified to say that
it will be safe for you.

So be safe and be happy by using The Green Way Pest Control to eliminate your pest problems in a No Fuss, No Mess way. With dedication. With honesty. With diligence.

Thank you.

Patrick Van Niekerk