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For most people, cockroaches are almost impossible to get rid of without calling in professional help.  These wiley little creatures will confound someone who has no expert training and experience in getting rid of them.  They are extreme survivors, and can hide in places few people can think of.


Once you have a cockroach or two in your house, you will soon see many more, because they breed at an unprecedented rate.  The pregnant female will carry a sack in which there can be between 25 and 40 eggs.   When poison is sprayed and she is dying, she may find a hole or crack to hide in and die there.  However, the sack filled with eggs will keep on maturing, and after some time, perhaps a day or more, it will pop and out will come the little ones.


You will never control a cockroach infestation by just spraying a poison around.  There are additional methods that are used by professional pest controllers.


Although you may find cockroaches in a place that is dirty, you will also find them in the cleanest place of all.   Cockroaches are not clean insects, as the myth goes.  They have tiny hairs on their legs with which they collect food, which can be almost anything organic, and that sticks to the hairs on their legs.  They return to their nest and then proceed to stroke the one leg with the other, causing the food to drop off, for others to feed on.


Cockroaches, just like many other insects, can be vectors of a number of undesirable diseases.


One of the best methods of flushing them out and killing them, is to use special machinery that turns the insecticide into a cloud of vapours that hang in the room and penetrate every little hole and crack behind which they can hide.  This can only be done if you have a product that is totally safe, non-toxic, has no odour, and will not affect adults, babies, pets, birds or plants.


BIO-KILL is such a product.  Developed in Switzerland almost thirty years ago, BIO-KILL is safer than the tap water you are drinking, yet it is highly effective against all insects. One treatment with BIO-KILL covers and protects your entire house for a long time.


At Safe Pest Control, we also use a highest quality pheromone gel that gets carried back into the nest.  The roaches that you see running around are only a small percentage of the entire nest. The rest remain permanently hidden safely in places where you can’t find them.