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Most people are not aware that those tiny black ants, that some people actually find “cute”, can be carriers of microbes and bacteria that cause diseases.  Black ants should not be allowed to increase in population to the point where it becomes hard to control them.

Black Ants – and also other species of ants – can become a terrible nuisance. They can be destructive to buildings, and some can inflict painful stings.

Within your home, cleanliness is a must to keep black ants away, although that in itself does not guarantee an ant-free environment.  The ones you actually see are are only a tiny minority of the millions that are deep down in the nests underground.  There can be many nests within a certain area.

There are different ways to treat  ants, depending on the situation.  By using do-it-yourself techniques,  you may get rid of a few of the scouts, but the queen ant and her nest will continue to live happily, and the problem will get bigger by the day.

Over a period of a few years, the queen ant can lay millions of eggs.  If left uncontrolled, an ant infestation can cover very large areas, requiring professional help in removing them.

It is best to contact a professional pest controller that uses the safest non toxic products and techniques to rid premises of ants.