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Switzerland has become a world leader in advanced insecticide technology. Over the last thirty years or so, they have had exciting breakthroughs in developing futuristic products for the Pest Control Industry.

It is the first country in the world to market a product like Bio-Kill, an insect killer that is safer than tap water, highly effective, odourless, non-staining and biodegradable.

Insects are cold-blooded creatures, hence they do not have lungs and do not breathe in air the same way humans do. Insects have porous exo-skeletons (external skeletons) that allows Bio-Kill to penetrate the insect. Bio-Kill will then work its way to the central nervous system of the insect, where it will “fire” all the nerves, creating an overload and total burn-out. For insects, it is a painless death.

Bio-Kill is applied by using special machinery to create atomisation that permeates and enters cracks and crevices, the favourite hiding places of pesky insects. Bio-Kill then remains active for up to several months, continuing to protect against pesky invaders.

Completely odourless, Bio-Kill is 100% safe to babies, pets, birds, plants and the environment in general. It is the greenest product of its kind on earth.

We at The Green Way Pest Control have been familiar with Bio-Kill since 1994. The owner Patrick Van Niekerk was a founding member of the first company to use Bio-Kill in South Africa.

The manufacturers of Bio-Kill recently announced that an even better, more safe and powerful version of Bio-Kill has been developed and should be ready for release in July 2015. The Green Way Pest Control is looking forward to this, since we are forever trying to improve our service to the public.

****Bio-Kill does not kill earthworms. Bees will smell Bio-Kill on a plant and stay away for a while, whilst Bio-Kill is busy getting rid of damaging insects. The bees will sense that it is safe again to visit the plant, and only do so then.

“One improved product from mankind, one giant step for the environment”