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Facts about Pest Fumigation

Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely gets rid of pests within the area being fumigated.

The pests are eradicated with the use of pesticides in gas form. Methyl bromide used to be the most widely used pesticide in fumigation but has since been restricted because of its environmental damage. Nowadays there are several fumigants that can be used including formaldehyde, methyl isocyanate and hydrogen cyanide. Well that is until BioKill came along with an Eco Friendly pesticide made from natural ingredients found in nature.

Fumigation the Bio Kill Way

In order to properly fumigate a house or office, a number of things are very important:

  1. A highly experienced operator who has treated thousands of premises satisfactorily.
  2. A highly effective product that is 100% non-toxic
  3. A product that will remain active for several months,
  4. A product that is effective against all nuisance and destructive insects and pests.
  5. A dedicated operator who wants to solve your problem
  6. The latest and most advanced equipment that ensures proper application where necessary.
  7. A product that can be applied all over the house, covering every square millimetre of surfaces


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