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Why is Bio-Kill a much better option?

There are many Pest Control Companies, all using a variety of products with which to eliminate insects and other pests. The history of Pest Control has always been dominated by the use and – often – concerns of highly toxic insecticides such as Organophosphates .
Then along came Bio-Kill from Switzerland. An amazing breakthrough and technological masterpiece. An insecticide that is actually safer than the tap water that you drink.

  • Completely odourless, bio-degradable, non-staining, and safe to all warm-blooded creatures.
  • Bio-Kill is 100% safe to Babies, Pets, Birds and all Plant life.
  • Bio-Kill also has a long-lasting residual effect once applied.
  • Bio-Kill is light years ahead of any other insecticide.

Bio-Kill is Highly Effective

There is no need to leave your home during treatment.
Bio-Kill has been tested and passed by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards)
Bio-Kill has been thoroughly tested by major laboratories all around the world and has passed with flying colours as having zero toxicity
to all warm-blooded creatures.
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